How you can help us

Send an email to us. You may attach audio files as well

Contact the media to help us raise awareness. (including individuals)

Contact TV studios to tell them to give the produced AD tracks to their streaming clients!

Contact movie studios and tell them to give the produced AD track to their streaming clients!

Tweet your support including the hashtag #dare2describe

Help us build press contacts and allies

Donate your social media account to help spread awareness and causes

File an ADA complaint (USA)

File an FCC complaint

Join our Facebook group and share your thoughts!

Join our team and help advocate!

Contact video streaming services to help our mission of accessibility

Make a donation to help our cause.

Leave us a voicemail or fax at 253-780-9696

Fill out our Netflix accessibility feedback form (NOTE: your responses will be kept for future use.)

Leave us a voicemail using your microphone

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