AD on demand

Stream described TV shows online with Blindy.TV

Itunes audio description category. See below for more Apple movies with AD not in this category.

Audio description category on Amazon

audio description category on Netflix

Described and captioned educational/kids shows provided by DCMP

Going Blind – Audio Described Version.

This independently produced described movie is the only one on Amazon Instant to incorporate audio description and captions directly into the production.

Attitude live. Free.

Attitude Live is an online magazine that features documentaries and true stories in the form of blogs and videos of disabled people. Most of the content is documentaries. The link above has all the documentaries with audio description on one page but the audio description will not start automatically when you select a movie. After choosing a movie click the link that says play the described version below the player

Channel 4 TV shows and movies. Possibly free UNKNOWN

This category holds all TV shows and movies on Channel 4 with audio description. This service is available to UK residents only. The site does require registration to watch all of the content. Users need to stay signed into an account created on the site and we are not sure if this registration costs money, as we were not able to register, being that we are based in the USA. A number to call them for assistance with registration is 0845-076-0191

UK2C. Subscription based but free trial available.

UK2C offers an Internet platform to watch UK TV shows abroad, such as in the USA. Not all programs and stations have audio description, though, so users will have to know which UK broadcaster actively provides audio description and the programs with audio description. We have provided a link to a schedule below we believe to be accurate but if any of our UK friends can point us to something better that would be great!

Audio described TV help in the UK

ITunes. Note: This installer will auto install Itunes with no extra files or add-ons.

ITunes has some movies with audio description that people can buy and rent on ITunes or on any apple device.

Below are some titles that are not included in the audio description category

Monsters Inc


Finding Nemo

Cars 2

YouDescribe. Free

YouDescribe is a site where blind and visually impaired people can watch YouTube videos with audio description. An account is not required to watch videos. The site is very basic, however, so people won’t be able to filter out videos by category. Users can search for videos at the top of the page. There could be more than five audio description tracks to the same video that the user can choose from a combo box watching the video. Some audio description is in a different language other than English. Anyone can make an account and record an audio description track for any video.

Movies for the blind Free

Movies for the blind is a blog and podcast combined that has public domain TV shows and movies with audio description. While not directly on demand, each podcast episode has tags that can be clicked to show posts containing that tag.

The YouTube page offers full-length films with audio description but there isn’t a category to sort out samples from full length movies. There’s a playlist with described videos but they are samples of films and TV shows.

The Sonora Legend Free

This site is in Portuguese and it features audio described movies and TV shows on demand in Portuguese. The site features audio files only. The site features short films, animated shorts, and advocacy related programming focusing on disabilities and social justice. content on the site varies from English videos that are dubbed into Portuguese with Portuguese audio description and original productions. All content on the site is free of charge and described.

Narrative Television Network’s online database Free

NOTE. Thanks to Hank Kluge in Texas for sending us this link!

Narrative Television Network provides full-length films on educational content and entertainment. This is a page that has all of the links on one page. Visually, the page is laid out in two columns, with educational content on the left side and entertainment films are on the right side. Screen reader users can jump to the different categories by using heading navigation then browse through their links list. All have audio description and they are all free to watch. The page has appeared to have stopped updating, though.

BBC I Player Only available in the UK. Free

This service isn’t technically an audio description on demand service as it hosts select episodes of TV shows with audio description in the UK only. International users cannot watch any of the described content but the category can be freely searched. Web surfers in the UK can watch full episodes of TV shows with audio description without limitations. The category is not structured by show, rather, airdate. This is a free service on the web

NOTE. Users can select the signed  category to watch content with an interpreter in the corner of the screen but users can select one or the other, unlike DCMP where there’s an option to stream a version that is captioned as well as described

TalkingFlix Subscription based

TalkingFlix is an audio only based on demand service where blind and visually impaired people can watch movies and or TV shows online as they wish. Users have to subscribe to the monthly subscription. Users can also accumulate credits and allocate it to their account or individual purchases.

Zagga TV Subscription based

Zagga TV is a video on demand service based in Canada that plays the audio described movie with video as well, making it available for the whole family to enjoy. This service allows users to stream described movies and TV shows with the whole family by providing titles as part of a monthly subscription.

DCMP, Described and Captioned Media Free with registration.

The DCMP website focuses on education. This educational resource offers many videos, including documentaries and films adapted from literature that can be streamed with audio description or closed captions, or both for no charge. Users will need to make a DCMP account though. DCMP offers many titles on DVD with the same accessibility features that can be borrowed for a short time, much like a library for accessible educational content.

8 thoughts on “AD on demand

  1. […] I’ve wondered why Netflix won’t provide Audio Description, or even accessible interfaces so that our adaptive software can interact with their website and web player fully. I’ve examined this through all different angles, even finding out for myself the cost of describers, and other production costs. It’s not all about cost however. The BBC has shown that cost doesn’t matter when it comes to Accessibility, offering an Audio Description On Demand service through the BBC iPlayer. Many other companies and organisations also show that having audio description on the web is not hard at all. All of these can be found on our audio description on demand page. […]

  2. Most movies today also have audio description which is why I’ve been asking NetFlix for years now why we couldn’t access this feature. I’m so glad they’re finally doing this. Better late than never, they say.

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