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This is the page where you can join our blogging team.

Click this link if you want to join just the advocacy group and not the blogging team.

The blog does not pay for all types of posts. If you are writing audio description reviews for us you get $5 to $10 per post. If you can look at social justice issues while reviewing, you will get a higher bonus.

One example might be, why is a white describer describing an all black movie?

We can only pay for audio description reviews.

The blogger arm of the team has a different, but very important, role to play. You may be asked to write about happenings, including news, or results of advocacy efforts. You can even write reviews of described movies or TV shows, but this blog aims for high quality reviews and writing.

You can blog about personal reactions to advocacy efforts but the editors will edit these for accuracy and other factors, as with all other posts.

Even though we highly encourage Gonzo style journalism we expect you to be accurate and ethical. Emotional writing is fine but empty, salacious, rants are not allowed. We may ask you to write third person news stories from time to time.

Everything is optional. You can say no if you don’t want to review a show or cover a topic. You can also choose the categories you write about at any time if you don’t like what you are doing.

With all that out of the way… If you still want to become a blogger fill out the form below.


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