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This is a page that lists our bloggers and ways to contact them. Note that we have team members who wish to remain anonymous so their names will never appear on this page.

Read personal blog posts by the team members.

If you want to join our blogger team click here

There’s two branches to our group. The advocacy portion of the group, and the blogging portion. Some members do both while others only are in one department. The links below tell you how to contact departments and view who is in what branch.

Contact the bloggers.

View information about our blogging team.

Contact our advocates.


4 thoughts on “Team members

  1. Hi guys

    Our company is Films14 Limited which can be found at for information. And we are working on our website to make accessible for the visually impaired. (Programming at the moment and in progressing and re-branding our company to making more relate to us)

    We are online Movies and TV Series with 100% subtitles available in the closed captioning, In-vision Signer and AUDIO DESCRIPTION!!

    We are based in London, working with major film studios and will be using Ooyala Technology.

    Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are disgusting and should be hanging head in shame when we launch.

    I hope this news brighten your day.

    All the Best

    Shaun Sadlier

    • Thank you! Make sure that you DON’T rely on voice commands because some blind people, like me, have a speech disability and voice commands won’t work for me. Look up ways to design sites for screen readers and keyboard navigation and that will definitely be your best option for the blind and visually impaired.

      • Thank you for your advice! I am profoundly deaf then I know. I got a friend who is usher and he rely on clear image. We are working on these to make sure it is accessible for everybody.

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