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This will be our press page where every press material about us will reside, including audio segments. There will be no order or headings so just skim down and have fun reading the media talk about us.

If you want to contact us and are a member of the media, send us an email here

TAG 2015 Episode 1: Behind the Scenes of Netflix Advocacy

Help us build our press and allies

CNBC: Fans to Netflix, make Daredevil accessible to the blind

Robert Kingett: Blind Journalist Takes on Netflix. SF Weekly

Netflix does not have good history with disabilities. This article is in Portuguese

DAREDEVIL NEWS: Advocating for audio description on Daredevil show

Media Access Australia talks about the Accessible Netflix Project

Early Edition talks Accessible Netflix Project

Insight Radio talks with Robert Kingett about Netflix, accessibility, and TalkingFlix

Raising The Floor: Grassroots Team Lobbies for Audio Description on Netflix

The Accessible Netflix Project on the Able Pathways Radio Show

The Accessible Netflix Project on the How To Be Blind Podcast

The Accessible Netflix Project goes underway! RNIB news article.

Blog post about The Accessible Netflix Project by Blinky Chicks.

A campaign for an accessible Netflix: Media Access Australia interview

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