Non disabled customers are using Netflix audio description

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Ever since Netflix added audio description to it’s service many blind and visually impaired customers have been enjoying the plethora of content. As Netflix continues to provide audio description they may even start to notice that sighted people are using audio description, but not to watch movies with their eyes.

As audio description grows many people who are not blind or visually impaired are finding benefits to using audio description. People who are on the autism spectrum find it very helpful to identify visual cues.

A trend is developing in the sighted population. Listening to movies with audio description like an audio book while driving or doing chores around the house.

People are starting to talk about their experiences, as sighted people, using audio description. On the site reddit, for example, a user details how they find audio description to be an interesting audio book. The best produced audio book ever, in fact.

Earlier this year, a podcast talked about audio description and presenting it as an audio book or new way to listen to movies. Audio description is growing and is even growing into markets not originally intended. This is a great thing.

It will be interesting to see how audio description will continue to be adopted by others, even consumers outside the immediate audio description market.

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6 thoughts on “Non disabled customers are using Netflix audio description

  1. I can receive Net Flix via my Fire TV or my Apple TV; however, I cannot figure out how to get the audio described movies and programs using these devices. What do I need to do?


    • In the future be sure to use the contact us link at the top of the page. Basically, you gotta play the movie first, then, while the movie is playing, navigate to audio and subtitles but not for the device itself. It needs to be in the app. In the app, hit the audio description option in the audio menu and you are done.

      • Hi Robert. From my experience, it depends on the device being used as to whether or not it can play the AD soundtrack. It’s on my list of things to do, for my own sanity, to understand which devices, be it AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Humax set top box that can play AD. For example, with Amazon Prime video, I could only get it to work on my PC and I’m fully sighted trying on behalf of my wife who is blind. It really is a confusing situation, but improving thanks to you and everyone making an effort for this.

      • I sent you an email, but here is where I understand it.

        so, basically, the Netflix app is the most universal. The Netflix app even has it, AD, on PS3’s which is an older system.

        Itunes movies work best on Apple TV’s.

        Amazon prime only has it working on a few devices. Why? Nobody knows, but they do take feedback and otherwise. I sent you an email with more links and stuff.

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