Amazon ads audio description to movies and TV shows.

It’s a beautiful thing when progress has been made without a campaign or a huge protest or similar. Now that I say that, this development could have been the result of many emails or phone calls, but I personally think it is because of Amazon’s director of accessibility. My email group tells me that Peter Korn isn’t the director of anything. In my head, anybody who makes huge and sweeping accessibility advances in a small number of years is the director of accessibility, thank you.

So, sue me. My team thinks I am praising him way too much. They tell me, he’s not the accessibility director! That may be true, but Peter Korn is an Accessibility Architect at Amazon, serving the device and content businesses. In my head, well, that screams director.

We’re not quick news people on this blog so we’re possibly the last people to tell you that you can now turn on audio description while watching Instant movies or TV shows that support audio description.

Because we don’t have the time nor resources to maintain such a list, they should make this category an RSS feed, the category link is below. You will find movies and TV shows in there. Some, free with Prime.

The audio description category on Amazon.

this news just smacked me upside the head a few days after I learned that Amazon is offering a discounted Prime membership to people on food stamps.

A question has been bugging me though. Since Amazon and Netflix offer TV shows with audio description why doesn’t apple do the same? Offer TV shows with audio description. They offer movies with AD but not TV shows with AD yet. Surely they have been approached about this, right? Not just by consumers but studios and producers. Surely.

To, hopefully, speed up the process, I for one encourage you all to contact their accessibility team below and encourage them to figuratively shout at their content acquisitions team regarding TV shows without audio description.

or call 1-800-MY-APPLE


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