Details of the Netflix accessibility agreement

On their accessibility page for Netflix, The ACB has written about the deal and what some of the deal will include, but we believe they are actively updating the page over time so check the page often! As of today, this is what the deal says, as written by the ACB on their website.

In April, 2016, an agreement between the ACB and several others was announced with Netflix.  While some of the points of agreement had been previously announced or implemented, several items are new.  Key points of the agreement are:

  • Netflix will request audio description tracks in all its new contracts with streaming content providers.  For third-party content that is already in the Netflix streaming library, the company “shall make reasonable efforts to obtain existing audio description assets” for those videos.
  • Netflix will provide audio description for TV and movies branded as “Netflix Original,” assuming it has the necessary rights for creating audio descriptions.  If Netflix doesn’t control the audio description rights, it will “make commercially reasonable efforts to secure and offer audio description.”
  • For DVD subscribers, Netflix “shall make commercially reasonable efforts” to offer discs with audio description on videos from third-parties, “whenever such videos are available.”
  • Netflix has agreed to add audio description search functions and will also make its website and mobile applications accessible to individuals who are blind and use screen-reading software.
  • The agreement specifies that by Dec. 31, 2016, Netflix will have updated all apps for all applicable devices to provide blind individuals using screen-reading technology with access to the same features available to sighted users

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