Over 50 described titles added to US Netflix in under a week

Over the past few days, Netflix has been adding commercial described TV shows and movies, but the great news is that titles just keep on coming to their audio description category.

In the past week Netflix has added over fifty movies and TV shows with audio description in the USA. The audio description link for Netflix directs customers to their countries described offerings. Even though it’s required to have a Netflix account, the numbers of audio described movies and TV shows have tripled in just a matter of days.

One suspicion why this is so easy is because Netflix is using the theatrical tracks created by companies such as CaptionMax and WGBH media access Group. In one day, Netflix added ten titles last week with audio description.

The number seems to be climbing daily or every other day, so the best bet is to keep checking the audio description link daily or weekly to see what new titles have been added.

The audio description link is http://www.netflix.com/browse/audio-description

NOTE. While many have stated it’s required to log in to see the list, I, personally, have tried to view the listing logged out and I am able to view the listing without being logged in on my laptop

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