Netflix quietly adds audio description link to website

A tip has come in today that is huge news for the blind and visually impaired community. Netflix has quietly been describing movies and TV shows. They have also inserted an audio description link at the footer of the page.

The link isn’t visible if users are in a movie details page, or any other page apart from the main Netflix homepage. However, it’s there at the bottom and it holds over 30 movies or TV shows that have audio description or will soon have audio description.

In some cases, such as with Psych, the audio description is only on in later seasons of TV shows because that was when the AD aired on TV. results are very sporadic with this listing, but Netflix has stated in a blog post it would be rolling this out over time, so the best bet is to browse through the audio description link and see what’s there and what isn’t there.

The audio description link is below.

For movies and TV shows Netflix is using the theatrical AD tracks created for movie theaters, which do not include deleted scenes that Netflix shows as part of some movies. That is why AD seems to not work for a few seconds in some movies and TV shows

7 thoughts on “Netflix quietly adds audio description link to website

  1. Hi.

    Would be nice to know what audio described movies and tv shows, as not a member.

    Any ideas.


    • We can create our own database on the website but what happens when you click the above link. We can create a google doc for people and then publish it but we thought linking the AD link in our navigation bar would be easier. What do you see when clicking the link?

  2. Why is no Windows 8 compatible app available at present? Given the way in which the PC news site has gone (down the drain) it would be ironic if the BBC were to leave iPlayer in its old tech PC form when tablet and iPhone versions abound. Or doesn’t the BBC support its PC-based users anymore?

  3. Is it possible to play the audio description without downloading the picture? Reason: limited pay as you go bandwidth allowance. Thanks 🙂

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