Help us advocate for accessibility & audio description on demand.

Hi all. since things are a bit slow on the update front I’d like to ask for your help, the viewers, readers, supporters, and followers by asking Video On Demand services, such as Netflix and Hulu, to provide audio description and accessibility improvements, if applicable, for their streaming services. Elbow you will find various numbers and links to contact these companies. If you can help us make some contacts that we haven’t been able to make in any of the below, that’s super! So, with the strength of the blind and visually impaired community let’s make described TV shows and movies a regular in the on demand age! Let us know what happens by sending us an email.

NOTE. This list will update so check back often!


2980 Bowers Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95051

United States

Founded in 2004

Phone: 408-492-1010

Fax: 408-588-4080


12312 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064 United States

Phone: 310-571-4700

Fax: 310-571-4701


100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos CA 95032

Netflix corporate phone number: (408) 540-3700

Main number to offices. 1 408 540 3700


Redbox Corporate Office & Headquarters 1 Tower Lane Suite 1200 Oakbrook Terrace IL 60187

Redbox corporate phone number:

(630) 756-8000

Amazon Corporate Office & Headquarters

410 Terry Avenue North Seattle WA 98109

Amazon corporate phone number:

(206) 266-1000

APPLE. Main contact we page.


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