Future Family Guy episodes with audio description available to Netflix.

Hi all! I have great news! I don’t know how to move forward with it though. Ever since I’ve been contacting studios, I’ve been getting distributers on the Netflix discussion as well. It took some time to do, but I finally got a reply and it looks like a good one! My nameless contact said they’re moving forward with family guy and having new shows, not old shows, and new shows with audio description on Netflix. What this means is, that Netflix will have access to the files. I’ve sent that email that I have received, but to be honest, I don’t know what to do if Netflix says no about the audio description. What do we do AIF they say no, what will be our next course of action? I’ve forwarded that email to all my contacts at Netflix. I won’t stop until this is resolved! I’m forbidden from sharing the email with others, but I definitely hope this summary is enough. Sorry everyone, but I understand why my sources want to keep hidden. Don’t you? Just know that the email has been saved in my drop box.


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