Plans happening behind the scenes with on demand audio description.

Hi there folks! I just want to stop in and say that even though we don’t report everything that we do, either on this blog or our own personal ones, we’re always communicating, always moving forward with something and developing new ideas, and making our old ones solid as stone if they’re useful. I hate to sound like one of those mean people in the big media industries who dangle yummy looking candy under your nose, and ask you to jump very high and hold your breath until it drops, but we simply can’t report on everything that we know or what we are doing. While this is a community driven project sometimes our contacts demand with specific requests of not to share ideas or information, and thus we really like what we hear and want to keep them happy and not flood their email inbox with a billion questions and then draw their attention away from their intension. Did that make sense? I hope it did. To everyone, please be patient. Yes, we’re keeping stuff hidden for a reason. Developers and many other people in the media industry have ordered it. Not requested, ordered it. I understand where their coming from, frankly, and right now, I agree, but there will come a time when I will share whatever happens, when we make some headway with a few things. I believe in keeping you informed but I hope you understand where I’m coming from. Besides, it’s respect so I’m gonna keep whatever secrets I have to, and that goes for my team members as well. I seriously hope I’m not sounding as if I’m attacking someone but I just want to let people understand that we are working very hard even if we don’t share what we are doing. That wouldn’t be fair at all, by the way to just keep everyone in the dark forever, so we will tell when the time is right. I do have one thing to add though; personally, don’t send an email with all caps, shouting at me. It hurts my eye, not my ego.


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