Netflix says “no” to audio description.

Recently I tried contacting Netflix in regard for audio description. Needless to say that getting an email address was complete guesswork. I had to guess what the email format was and then try some random name’s that I found on a website, because, quite frankly, the operator said she couldn’t give them out when I called their corporate office

When I finally got an email address, I emailed. I’m not going to post it here because I don’t want to give away private information but I asked about Netflix having audio description.

In short, they can’t do audio description because not all platforms and devices would even support it and when I tried to reply with some folks from the RNIB they even told her, Elizabeth, how they have audio description on the web.

She didn’t reply, even after a few more emails.


2 thoughts on “Netflix says “no” to audio description.

  1. You know that their answer is rubbish!! Audio description is a seperate audio track – when you play a DVD with audio description it simply uses the AD audio track instead of the standard one. So they could easily host films with the audio track with the Audio Description included. It would probably mean that they would have to host an Audio described and non audio described version of the film, doubling up on their storage space.

    My son has started an online petition about this…..

    • I know that answer is rubbish and we have told them so, but they keep making up excuses but don’t worry, we have a plan B. I will also share the link in a bit so thank you for sharing that with me.

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